Manic Monday


Today was just one of those days; my alarm didn’t go off and I woke up half an hour late which left me precisely 2.25 minutes to wash up, get dressed and wake up all four of my kids if I had any hope of getting them out the door in time for carpool.  Do I even need to tell you that 2.5 minutes is not nearly enough time for all that?  So, I washed up, went and made sure the kids were up, went back to moisturize and get dressed and then had to go break up an argument over whether or not my 4 year old was a “bad boy” for having touched my 10 year old’s Lego and help said 4 year old (who is not a bad boy at all, he’s perfectly delicious) get his clothes, which were all over his floor, onto their respective body parts.  I had a class trip to accompany, about a hundred family and business errands to run, 3 o’clock carpool, 4 o’clock carpool and a playdate (which ended up going horribly wrong) to contend with.  Oy!  Just reading over that makes me wish I had been able to pull the covers over my head and  go back to sleep this morning. Giggle

So of course, something had to give.  Being that I am a makeup artist, you may find it surprising to know that when I’m in a crazy rush, the first of my regimens to go out the window is my makeup application.  I know so many women who would rather let their 3 year old daughter do their makeup for them while they make their kids’ lunches than walk out the door without it on (okay, I may be exaggerating a little there) and I really believe that we need to learn to cut ourselves some slack.  I know, I know we all do look better with makeup on, myself very much included.  However, I really think it’s high time we realize that we don’t look as bad as we think without it.

When I look at the front pages of the tabloid newspapers in line at the grocery store (kind of a guilty pleasure of mine) I’m always amazed by the pictures of celebrities without their makeup on, and probably not in the way you think.  The way I see it is that it’s incredible, and a little bit sad, that because we are used to seeing these women in pounds of makeup, when they are “exposed” au naturel we think they don’t look like themselves when, in fact, that bare face is the real McCoy.  I really believe we wouldn’t think they look so bad if it was something we were used to.  Case in point; I very rarely wear makeup during the week (I can hear all those gasps from here y’know Smirk) and so many people say to me “Oh Rina, you’re the only one I know who can get away without wearing makeup! That’s just your look”.  Now, either these people are trying to butter me up for something or they don’t think I look bad without makeup because their standard image of me is not one with makeup on.  I’m not saying that people are used to me looking awful and therefore I have come to look good in their eyes. Giggle   I know I look  a whole heck of a lot better when I’m made up. That being said, I don’t allow myself to be a slave to it and to rest my confidence and self-assuredness on whether or not I’m done up.  I know it’s not an easy thing to do, but I wish that women everywhere would be able to look at themselves in all their natural glory and say “Y’know what, I look fine without my makeup on and I’m not going to make myself crazy over it anymore!”.  Sure, when you have the time, and if you enjoy doing it, knock yourself out.  But please, stop putting the pressure on yourself and talking yourself into the idea that without your makeup on you’re not fit to be looked at.  I have people say to me all the time “Oh, don’t look at me; you’re a makeup artist, you can see all my flaws!” and while they’re sort of joking around, they’re also sort of serious.  What makes me sad is that no-one realizes that when I look at a face without makeup, I don’t see flaws but rather all the good features that face has.  I think that’s what makes me a good makeup artist; I don’t look at what there is to cover, I see what there is to enhance and that’s there before the makeup goes on.

I dare you to look in the mirror after washing your face tomorrow morning and tell yourself that you’re beautiful before you put your makeup on.  Rinse and repeat…every morning for the rest of your life.

Have a beautiful day!

Rina Smile


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