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Aside from the dog, this about sums up the past 20 months of my life. LOL!

Aside from the dog, this about sums up the past 20 months of my life. LOL!

Wow! It has been a loooooong time since I have touched this blog. It’s also been a long time since I’ve slept through the night, been to the bathroom by myself, had an uninterrupted, adult conversation, or  put on my makeup without my 20 month old destroying something somewhere in my house while I do so, but I digress. Razz  Thank G-d. the tidal wave we call motherhood has dragged me under for the last little while and I haven’t had much time to think let alone arrange my thoughts into coherent sentences and cogent paragraphs. Things are starting to settle now (hey, it take a while with 5 kids!) and I’m hoping to get back into the game in earnest over the next little while. I have been pretty active on my facebook page (so much quicker and easier) and I’ve recently taken up vlogging (I finally got that darn camera to work!) so if I don’t churn things out fast enough on here, give me a try over there (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eizeh-Yofi/116306951788605?ref=ts&fref=ts  if you were wondering. Just cut and paste). I have product suggestions and reviews, ideas for new looks, random beauty thoughts, even contests and giveaways so it’s a good thing to check in on periodically even if you’re going to be a true blue blog fan. I’ll be introducing a few new service packages in about a month’s time, so keep your eyes peeled for information on them and promotions related to them in the next few weeks. Aside from all that, I’m just hoping to get back to what I had hoped to do with this in the first place; talk about all the beautiful things that life has to offer! Thanks for your patience, I intend to make it worth the wait!

Have a beautiful day,

Rina Smile


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