Splurge or Save: Musings on Money and Makeup


Momoney-girlre frequently than I really think is normal, my husband and I will discuss what we would do with the money should we ever win the lottery. We’re not talking any small, $250,000 jackpot here. No, we only buy tickets for winnings of 25 million and up. We talk about giving money to charity, getting a nice house, a cottage in the Muskokas, cars, vacations, getting a pet monkey, doing research into making Transformers real, commissioning a family portrait sculpture made entirely out of ice cream, y’know the regular sort of things people would probably spend a sizeable windfall on. Laugh Two other priorities on my list, which my husband routinely rolls his eyes at, are all organic food, all the time and nothin’ but luxury brand makeup in my bag(s). Don’t worry; my professional kit is stocked with only high quality, professional grade products but that’s business. I’m talking personal use here.  So while I sit and wait patiently for my lucky numbers to be drawn (oh, it’s GONNA happen) I figure I’ll share my list of where I choose to spend and save my money when it comes to makeup. While I generally believe that what is right for me is right for the wold, please remember, this is my take on things and you may not agree but hey, it’s a free country. LOL. Also, if I mention any specific brands or products, you can be sure those companies didn’t pay me to or else I would be writing this post from a cabana chair somewhere on Maui. Laugh

Splurge: Skincare – I can’t emphasize enough how skincare is truly part of your makeup/beauty routine. You can get away with wearing less makeup when your skin is at it’s best which saves you money and you won’t have to spring for Botox either. Razz Consider it an investment and get the good stuff (if you need to know what to good stuff is, gimme a call; I’ll hook you up!).

Splurge: Foundation & Concealer – In my books, anything that goes all over your face and can affect the overall health/appearance of your skin is not a place to skimp. My personal faves in this category are smashbox and Makeup Forever which are super well formulated for almost any skin type. No clogged pores, no breakouts, no problem.

Splurge OR Save: Eye Shadow – in my experience, inexpensive eye shadows tend not to be well pigmented and are generally very messy to work with. Case in point, I once bought a quad from a drugstore brand and it ended up everywhere on my face but my eyes.The product fell off my brush, landed all over the place and I was not at all pleased.  That being said, just for fun I tried out a quad by Joe Fresh this summer and while it’s not quite the same as a LORAC or NARS, it applied and wore very nicely, especially for the price point.  Brands like Sonia Kashuk and Joe Fresh offer a lower price point with a better product than many other drugstore brands though I’m sure if you had the patience and money to try out every brand in the store, you could probably find some other good ones.

Save: Eyeliner – One of my favourite eyeliners ever is a Revlon. They have since discontinued the colour and so I spit on them (pptttooiiee!) but they make a great, soft and smudgable liner. So does Maybelline and the Sephora Nano liners come in a bagillion colours and glide on beautifully. I don’t see the point in spending more, personally.

Save: Mascara – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I cannot wrap my head around the idea of spending more than $10 MAX on a tube of mascara! You have to toss it every 3 months and there are so many great formulations out there at such incredible prices…it’s just beyond me. Maybelline makes some of my favourites, but Loreal’s Voluminous gets a serious nod as well.

Save: Lip Liners, Sticks and Glosses – No doubt there are some beautiful, higher end options out there in these categories, but there are plenty of good options in both formula and colour on the lower end of things. Considering how these products fade and transfer it doesn’t make sense to me break the bank on them unless there’s a specific colour you love that you can’t find anywhere else. When you get into long wear formulas, things are a bit different and in my experience the MAC Prolongwear feels the most comfortable, but Revlon Colourstay is certainly a contender as well.

Still deciding: Blush – I took a spin around the beauty section at Target today to look for a blush to keep in my purse kit so I was specifically looking for something less expensive since it’s not my primary blush. However, I had a very hard time finding the bright, clear pink I love to wear (and recommend to everyone!) in any of the brands available. “Pink Swoon” by MAC is my go to, mid-point blush but I’m experimenting with something that almost comes close by Cover Girl. So far so good, though I personally don’t enjoy the fact that it’s scented. Not being able to find the shade I want puts a check in the “Con” column for the drugstore brand, but the $5.69 price tag lands a check in the “Pro” column so the jury’s still out on this product. I’ll keep you posted.

And there you have it, my thoughts on how I usually spend my personal makeup money. How do you spend yours?  Let me know what products you like to splurge and save on and why. I’m always happy to get a new perspective!

Have a beautiful day,

Rina Smile


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