Is this Trend my Friend: Prune Eye Shadow


The word “prune” may bring to mind different things for different people. I personally associate it with senior citizens (my grandmother, who I totally adore, is forever checking if I drink prune juice to “make sure you don’t get all stopped up”; TMI??) and what happens to my fingers and toes if I hang out in the pool with my kids for too long. But this season, runway makeup defied these weird associations and made prune (and it’s plumper cousin plum) sexy and fashionable rather than senior and fiber-full. From Lepore’s super soft wash of this subtle yet sultry colour, to Oscar de la Renta’s all-out-glam take on it, these shades have proven themselves to be versatile, completely wearable and totally fabulous. Consider a quick swipe of a soft, sheer shadow on the lids with a touch of mascara for a sophisticated daytime look. Rim the waterlines with black liner and use a deeper shade from lid into the crease for an understated yet sexy evening look. Go all out glam with a show stopping prune-ified smokey eye. There are so many ways to wear it and, amazingly, this earthy, purpley hue enhances any colour eye and there is most certainly a shade that will work with any skin tone. Some shadows I’d reccomend are Shale, Trax, Nocturnelle and Palace Pedigree by MAC, Juniper by smashbox (available in the Photo Op Smoke Box 2 palette which is just awesome) and Untamed by LORAC (available in the Unzipped palette from my previous post). I’ve already worn this look and I plan to again, several times over in many different incarnations. Consider this trend you new bestie that you should totally be spending lot of time with.

My take on the prune eye trend using smashbox's Juniper eye shadow.

My take on the prune eye trend using smashbox’s Juniper eye shadow.

Oscar de la Renta takes glamour to a new level. Image courtesy of

Oscar de la Renta takes glamour to a new level. Image courtesy of

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