A Brush with Greatness


We haven’t talked turkey in a while. Sure, I’ve told you about the new line I’m carrying in my studio and gone over my top picks for makeup from the big award shows, but I haven’t dug in on practical and applicable makeup tips for you in a while, and I say it’s high time I change that. So here we go, people: My favourtie and most used brushes.


1) Flat Eyeshadow – This brush is designed to deposit colour all over the eye. It’s short, broad, flat and firm but not too stiff and does a great job of placing and spreading your shadow. The natural bristles are soft but well packed and layered perfectly to give you total control over your application. Whether you want just a  sheer wash of colour or a heavier lay-down for a classic smokey eye, this is your go to brush. So handy.

2) Small Crease – Sometimes referred to as a “bullet”, this little puppy is great for getting your shadow exactly where you want it. It puts colour into your crease but, because it’s small and tapered, it keeps it from spreading around too much. This is also an ideal brush to use to smoke up the outer corners by making a sideways V that goes along the lashline and then about a third of the way into the crease.  If that’s not smokey enough for you, you can use this brush, yet again, to add more darkness by laying colour down, diagonally, on the outer corner without going into the crease. This brush can blend too but if you really want well blended eye makeup…

3) Eye Blender – A soft, fluffy, domed brush, this blender is a must have if you crave the flawless transition between all your eye shadow colours. Rock it back and forth in your crease to blend your clour out into nothing working towards the brow bone, or use small, gentle, circular motions over any area where two colours meet to intertwine them seamlessly. This brush can be used for application purposes as well but, given its shape and density, tends to be less precise in its product placement.

4) Angle Brow – Don’t let the name of this short, stiff and tightly angled brush fool you; it’s not only for brows. No, this incredible brush can be used to fill your eyebrows (video tutorial to come!) and smudge your pencil eyeliners and apply eyeshadow as eyeliner and, with a drop or two of water, turn any eye shadow you have into a liquid liner. I love this brush and use it every single time I do my makeup, and anyone else’s for that matter. An absolute must have.

5) Blush Contour – I love blush. Nothing says young, healthy, alert and awake like a nice, rosy flush and blush can help you fake that whether your issue is having pulled an all-nighter studying for mid-terms, pacing the halls all night with a colickybaby or having to change your pyjama top for the 3rd time thanks to hot flash induced night sweats. All that said, if you don’t apply your blush properly, you can end up looking like a cross between Raggedy Ann and an inexperienced drag queen. I’m not going to discuss choosing your colour here, but I will discuss the fact that no matter what colour you choose (*cough* bright, fresh pink *cough*) this brush will apply and blend it like a dream. The soft, natural, graduated brsitles on the dome of this brush grab the blush for easy application and yet let it go on your face for easy blending. It’s perfected the whole “catch and release” method. This brush can also be used to apply bronzer and do some fancy little contouring for the times you really want to punch things up (video tutorial on that pending as well)!

6) Face Blender – This is a super soft, synthetic brush that works with any product you can put on your face. It’s especially good with cream foundation, blush, bronzer and powder. I particularly love using it at the end of an application to set everything with powder. Using firm but gentle circular motions, you can really press the makeup into its place and give yourself a lovely facial massage at the same time. Makes you look good and feel good at the same time; who wouldn’t want that??

If I didn’t have such a brush fetish, these would be the only only ones I would keep on hand to do my makeup. To do any job well, you need to have the right tools and these are definitely them. Don’t forget to always take good care of your brushes; wash them with baby shampoo about once a month, depending on how much you use them. For extra soft brushes, follow with a little bit of conditioner but make sure to rinse it out well. Squeeze out the excess water gently, reshape with your fingers and then allow to dry with the brush hanging over the side of your sink, just so you don’t get one flat side. Re-fluff the ones that need it when they’re dry and enjoy!!

Have a beautiful day,

Rina Smile


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