Brides Beware: Avoiding Common Bridal Beauty Missteps



As you already know, I am a world renowned, super famous, highly paid blogger. *chuckle*

What you may not know is that I’m also a freelance makeup artist. While I do makeup for anyone and any occasion, the majority of my work involves starry eyed young women, white dresses with varying degrees of “poof,” and a great guy in a tuxedo at the end of an aisle. I have worked with so many brides, each one of whom wants to look perfect for her big day. Some come in with a clear vision of what they want, Pintrest printouts in hand, while others sit down with fear and trepidation and haven’t the foggiest clue why their mothers, sisters and friends all insist that they MUST wear makeup on their wedding day. No matter where on the spectrum of makeup enthusiasm you fall, I have a few points you should consider when planning out your bridal look to make sure that it’s exactly right for the wedding, and forever.

Misstep #1: Having too narrow a view of your bridal day beauty

Take a moment to consider your overall bridal look. Even if you’re not having a themed wedding, there might be a distinct style or feel to your dress which may help guide your choice of makeup. I’m not saying that if you have a an art deco inspired dress you have to go for a black smoky eye and bee stung lips a la The Great Gatsby, but super modern makeup would look out of place. A well done natural look is almost always applicable, but try to take a more holistic approach to your bridal style. Is your dress soft and romantic or chic and modern? Are you giving off a vintage vibe or something a little more flower child? You just want to make sure the complete look is cohesive, that’s all.

Misstep #2: Trying a totally new look you’ve never done before

Even with the above in mind, you don’t want to go for a look that is drastically different from a look you would normally wear. For example, I once had a bride come and say to me “I only ever wear chapstick. I hate makeup. Make me look like a Kim Kardasian.” Now, my personal feelings on Kim’s makeup aside (too much with the contouring and her fake lashes are way over the top for my taste), you can’t go from just chapstick to that much makeup and expect to feel like yourself. You want to be you at your wedding, the most perfect vision of you, but you nonetheless. Your groom should look at you and think “There’s my girl!” not “Woah, that’s a..umm..that’s a new look.” You have your bridal shower, bachelorette party and the rest of your life to experiment and try out looks you’ve never worn before. Your wedding is not the time or place, sorry.

Misstep #3: Dating your look by being too trendy

All this talk of not diverging too much from your normal look brings me to my next point: don’t do anything too trendy. Yes, bright blue eyeliner was hot in the ‘80s, but my aunt won’t hang her wedding portrait in her house anymore, she is that embarrassed by her bridal makeup. You have to remember, you’ll be looking at pictures from your wedding for the rest of your life (hopefully) and you don’t want that new friend who wasn’t at your wedding to be able to say “You got married in 2010! I remember how big teal eyeliner was back then!” If your gown dictates a certain style of makeup as per my first point of discussion, you may look back on your wedding and wonder why you thought paying homage to 1970’s London, punk fashion was a good idea, but it won’t be the makeup in specific that makes you wonder. This doesn’t mean that your makeup can’t be dramatic or include colour, it just means that those elements need to be incorporated in a way that’s timeless, like your love. *sigh* Just like you never want to look back at your wedding pictures and wonder what you were thinking when you married that guy, you don’t want to wonder why you wore bright orange lips either, trust me.

Misstep #4: Assuming you won’t cry and wearing regular mascara
Waterproof mascara is the only way to go. I’m not a huge fan of waterproof formulations as a general rule but on the day of your wedding, it’s like your Amex; don’t leave home without it. The rest of your eye makeup should hold up, no matter the waterworks, but the mascara will most likely run and that is never a pretty sight.

Misstep 5: Wiping away your tears when you DO cry during your dad’s speech
Whether you’re crying because it’s sweet and sentimental or you wish he would just sit down already, heed my words: dab, don’t wipe. If you cry, which isn’t so much a question of if but rather when, gently dab at the tears in the corners of your eyes, along your lower lash line or on your face. Dabbing will preserve your makeup as much as is physically possible whereas wiping will smear away whatever you have. Plus, it’s quaint and ladylike which will impress your mother-in-law.

I could go on and on about bridal makeup ‘till the cows come home, I do love the topic so much, but I’ll spare you. I will leave you with this thought though: if you’re going to use a makeup artist for your wedding (and I suggest you do if for no other reason than the fact that it’s just fun) find the one who will work with you to design the look that makes you feel most beautiful and has a personality to help you feel at ease and relaxed on the day of. Weddings are a big deal, and you should surround yourself with professionals who are truly there for you and care. With a little planning, and lot of love, it’ll end up being the most beautiful day of your life in every possible way.

Have a beautiful day,

Rina Smile

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