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It’s finally spring and that means longer days, warmer weather, allergies and, most importantly, the return of bright and happy colors! Colour is a cornerstone of our lives. Everywhere we look, we see it: the crisp blue of the afternoon sky, the fresh green of newly sprouted grass or the vibrant pink of a watermelon wedge, you can’t escape color. Why would you want to? The Spring/Summer 2014 runways we all awash with fun and imaginative ways to add some happening hues to our wardrobes and makeup looks, but what do any of these colors really mean? No, I’m not trying to say that the fashion industry is planting subliminal messages inside our heads with the use of certain colors (or ARE they??), but I am saying that color is a way to make a statement that can go beyond fashion and speak to your personality, particular mood and more. Each color has it’s own nature and affects us in a different way, so what messages will YOUR makeup be giving off this season?

While stable, reliable brown is the natural neutral so many of us turn to time and time again, why not throw in the equally eco-friendly hue of green for a spring time update? Green is the color of balance, being found directly in the center of the color spectrum, and it has a soothing and relaxing quality to it. It’s tranquil and refreshing and can give you a sense of renewal, self control and harmony. Use fresh shades of the colour as the more “muddy” tones can bring to mind stagnation and come off as bland. Plus, they’re not bright and happy and springy; duh! Try using a soft green with a little shimmer to it all over your lid with just a touch of liner for everyday wear or get with the times and use a brighter shade of it to line an otherwise bare eye.

Blue eyeshadow was super big on the runways this season showing up at shows like Chanel and Marc Jacobs. Blue gets a bad rep as being a cold, unfriendly and depressing color.  Choose the right shade of it, though, and it exudes a calm confidence and stimulates clear thoughts. Lighter shades of blue can even help you concentrate and settle your mind. Scientific studies actually point to this color, which is a universal favorite across gender lines, causing the body to produce chemicals that relax and soothe us (see, a box from Tiffany’s is a legitimate form of therapy!). Use a nice, bright blue to line your eyes and really make them pop or go all out glam with a mid toned hue on your lid with a touch of black in the crease for a night on the town.

Bright orange lips are all the rage yet again this spring and for good reason; they’re just fun! Orange is a combination of red (the most “physical” of all colors which, in fact, raises our heart rate and conveys strength, warmth and excitement) and yellow (the most “emotional” of all colors representing everything from optimism, self-esteem and creativity to irrationality, fear and anxiety) so no wonder it always gets a reaction! Generally speaking, it IS a fun, stimulating and sensual color that elicits feelings of enthusiasm, excitement and  just makes you want to bust out and enjoy the sunshine. Lipstick or gloss in colors ranging from softer peaches, for the more mild mannered among us, to a full blown tangerine, for the brazen beauties, is a great way to go to help the good times roll.

Finally, one of the hottest Pantone colors of the season, orchid has it roots in the purple family of colors. The perfect blend of warm (red) and cool (blue) purples have a mysterious allure and tend to represent spiritual awareness, luxury, authenticity and truth. Of course, the flip side to this is that the wrong shades of purple smack of decadence and inferiority. I just don’t understand; how could anyone feel inferior if she’s rocking the perfect orchid lip as seen on the runway of Nicole Miller? If that’s a bit much for you, consider a soft lavender as the new base color for all your eye makeup looks and make this trend your friend.

There you have it, a small insight into some of the colors floating around this season and a few tips on how to wear them. Find the the perfect shades, construct the perfect looks and be prepared to make a serious statement without saying a word!

Have a beautiful day,

Rina Smile

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