Thanks for a great session tonight! You balanced fun, sensitive and knowledgeable perfectly. And great work, to boot! – Rena

Never in my life have I seen my blue-green eyes POP like they did after Rina did my make up for our photo shoot with Shaindel Friedman Photography. Thank you Eizeh Yofi for making me feel gorgo! Smile – Talya

Wow. Rina did an excellent job with my make up …looked amazing and her customer servjce is top notch! – Batya

Thanks for the great facial!!!!! – Adina

Hi Rina,
Yours is the first email I am responding to today.  I was getting on my email just to thank you and I see your e-mail waiting here for me.  So you did a fabulous job on our makeup- we looked wonderful- got tons of compliments, and thank you for being so responsive to our suggestions- you are the BEST!!!
May we see each other only at simchas!!! – Esther

Hi Rina,
I just want to thank you from the deepest place in my heart for this morning. And not only for the makeup which was outstanding and everything I hoped for and more (which by the way is next to impossible) but more importantly for being an exceptionally calming influence and an absolute pleasure to work with.
Thank you. – Bryna

The reason why I wanted to email you is because I wanted to thank you for your wonderful, calming way of interacting with us.  When we first arrived, we were frantic, as we knew we were late, and that there was still so much to do.  You had the wherewithall (not sure if that is how it is spelled) to be calm, and to focus on the greater good, which was to keep us calm, regardless of whether or not the ‘schedule’ was being strictly adhered to. But additionally, at the very end of the evening, when I came back up to the room, I saw that it was all neat, and organized, so that it had been ready to be used as a yichud room as well.  I have a strong inclination that you had taken it upon yourself to do that, which, although it certainly was not your responsibility, you quietly and kindly took care of it.  I know it meant a lot to Deena and Gavry to come up to a clean and neat yichud room.  So, thank you again! And, we LOVED how you did our makeup! – Shelley